Shreemad Bhagavat Gita, Verse 2:12; ordains “Nirvana” as the ending of the process of materialistic life.

From the moment we are born, our lives have been validated by God. It has been established that one’s intelligence, faith, and refuge are all fixed in supreme and it is he who forges the life path for every living being across the universe.

The strength of faith is such that one becomes fully cleansed of misgivings through the complete knowledge of divinity proceeding toward the path of liberation. We understand that our self-worth is yet to be known, if not to be acknowledged.

So here we are at “Nirvana” trying to set an example to break down the walls, to help you become an undefeated leader. A true child of God!

We represent the beginning of everything that teaches us about our existence and there is nothing stronger than that!

We are the messengers of TRUTH.LOVE.PEACE, we are NIRVANA!!